Christopher L. Young

Christopher L. Young #136515
Kentucky State Reformatory
3001 W. Highway 146
La Grange, KY 40032

34 years old. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Date of birth: August 17th, 1980. Moorish and Mississippi Native American ethnic background. Gay male. Imprisoned since 1997 by the State of Kentucky. Originally charged in May 1997 with capital murder and armed robbery, sentenced to 30 years. Became jailhouse lawyer and prison activist in 2000.

Engaged in rebellious, reckless, undirected violence. Beaten by correctional officers at Kentucky State Penitentiary. Charged with additional offenses of assault on correctional officers, sentenced to 7 years.

I am currently trying to get queer anarchist literature and periodicals, homoerotica literature, Stonewall history, and gay political/legal history.

I am trying to build a solid, reliable, mature, positive, ongoing anarchist/queer/leftist support networks and friendships as well as receive help and financial resources. I am trying to join anarchist, gender anarchist, libertarian communist, and prison abolition groups.

I am trying to start an anarchist social movement book club at my prison but don’t know how to go about it. I got a 120 month deferment from the parole board on June 2015.

Come support me, befriend me, and help me.

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